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when a child is born, a mum and a dad are also born

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Whether it’s flown in by a stork or magically appears under a cabbage leaf, when a child makes their appearance on earth, yet another miracle of nature is accomplished. There is no greater wonder or more special a gift.

When a child is born, a mum and a dad are also born.
Nothing is more true. Every birth is a discovery, an adventure, a challenge, a joy and in a moment everything changes.

There will be baby food to prepare and nappies to change. Baby bottles that always too hot or too cold. There will be crying at night, a lot of crying, and you and they will sleep little, so very little. You will get used to running, you will find yourself in the office with two different coloured socks on and there will be more young children’s toys in your bag than there are lipsticks.

You will probably be tired in the evening but that new life will smile at some point – will smile at you – and you’ll feel the same joy that you felt the first time they cried and the miracle will be accomplished again.

Someone said “children are like sailors: wherever they look there is immensity”.

Treat yourself to an I Birba birth bracelet. Engrave the date, weight and the size of their little feet. Eternally engrave the moment that for the first time you discovered the immensity in their eyes. And when they grow up, you can continue to take them with you with one of the I Birba bracelets dedicated to the family, to your family. There are mums and dads, little sisters, little brothers and many others: discover them all!

To celebrate the arrival of your baby, create a bracelet dedicated to their birth with I Birba.

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