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Congratulations to the newlyweds!

regalo matrimonio - bracciale matrimonio
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Who says that someone else should choose your wedding gift? It’s your day, both of yours, treat yourselves to a special memory.

I Birba has created a bracelet dedicated to the best day of your lives!

Your strength, your passion, your love, your steps and your story will be imprinted on your bracelet. A heart, a bouquet or a padlock will become the symbol of your union.

Every I Birba says something about you both and your steps to get to this day, which will be etched in your memories forever. Every I Birba will speak to him about you, reminding him how great it is to see you laugh, and you’ll just have to look at your bracelet to feel protected and safe in a way that only he knows how to make you feel.

With I Birba, tell of the incredible story of your slowly formed bond, protected by the moon, warmed by the summer sun, urged on by the light wind of April and the biting wind of November when the cold makes it more wonderful to hold each other a little tighter.

Your story is a movie and from tomorrow onward, after the toasts and the bouquet throwing, after the rice grains have scattered and the cans are no longer attached to the back of the car with the words “Just Married“, you and he will take your places in the control room and start writing the screenplay for a new film: together!

I Birba wishes you happiness and serenity from today and throughout your lives together!

Dedicate a bracelet to this special day! Choose the I Birba that tells your love story.

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