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Another school year is over

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Like every year, the last bell has been rung again. A great year, a difficult year, a happy year, a busy year. Our children have learned many new things, some have learned to write and others to read. And what a discovery history is!

On tracing paper your child has learned that the UK looks like an elderly lady and Italy looks like a boot. Now they know now how to say “hello Mummy” in French.

So much progress, so many discoveries and so many goals, and much of the credit is due to the teachers who patiently, passionately and loyally have guided and will guide them, step by step, towards the incredible universe of knowledge.

Thank you, dear teachers.

With I Birba there is a special way to thank these heroes with their bags full of books and papers to correct: discover the I Birba collection dedicated to teachers.

You can choose from different models, all elegant but also fun: a unique idea to make your child’s teachers feel as special, at least as special as what they do every day for your child, stimulating his curiosity and helping him find the right keys to grow in the world.

For your child’s teachers, choose from the I Birba school collection 

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