A train is coming, full and full of …

Someone once said that “life is like a train“; it runs along imaginary tracks crossing seas and green fields, it ascends and descends and at each station it lets a passenger on and takes them with it.

The I Birba train has blown its whistle and is about to leave, where is it going? Wherever you want. Create your I Birba bracelet and take the passengers of your journey with you. There are no restrictions, everyone is welcome on board.
Even your four-legged friends can climb aboard. Because they have never left you alone during your big journey. Who said that cats and dogs don’t get along? On the I Birba train they are wonderful friends!

Your family are travelling with a one-way ticket. There is a carriage for every one of them and you can engrave their names as if you’ve assigned each of them a seat; because every one of them is irreplaceable!

Your friends are also on your train, in the same carriage in which you’ve shared so many incredible moments and become women together; getting on at the station of friendship, you decided that you would continue to share the same compartment year after year. Your journey is not over, tell it with I Birba.

Nobody gets off the I Birba train!

Discover the new toy train-design bracelets and re-create your journey with I Birba combinations dedicated to your loves, your passions, your closest friends and your family.

Your Birth gift

Whether it’s flown in by a stork or magically appears under a cabbage leaf, when a child makes their appearance on earth, yet another miracle of nature is accomplished. There is no greater wonder or more special a gift.

When a child is born, a mum and a dad are also born.
Nothing is more true. Every birth is a discovery, an adventure, a challenge, a joy and in a moment everything changes.

There will be baby food to prepare and nappies to change. Baby bottles that always too hot or too cold. There will be crying at night, a lot of crying, and you and they will sleep little, so very little. You will get used to running, you will find yourself in the office with two different coloured socks on and there will be more young children’s toys in your bag than there are lipsticks.

You will probably be tired in the evening but that new life will smile at some point – will smile at you – and you’ll feel the same joy that you felt the first time they cried and the miracle will be accomplished again.

Someone said “children are like sailors: wherever they look there is immensity”.

Treat yourself to an I Birba birth bracelet. Engrave the date, weight and the size of their little feet. Eternally engrave the moment that for the first time you discovered the immensity in their eyes. And when they grow up, you can continue to take them with you with one of the I Birba bracelets dedicated to the family, to your family. There are mums and dads, little sisters, little brothers and many others: discover them all!

To celebrate the arrival of your baby, create a bracelet dedicated to their birth with I Birba.

Gifts for teachers

Like every year, the last bell has been rung again. A great year, a difficult year, a happy year, a busy year. Our children have learned many new things, some have learned to write and others to read. And what a discovery history is!

On tracing paper your child has learned that the UK looks like an elderly lady and Italy looks like a boot. Now they know now how to say “hello Mummy” in French.

So much progress, so many discoveries and so many goals, and much of the credit is due to the teachers who patiently, passionately and loyally have guided and will guide them, step by step, towards the incredible universe of knowledge.

Thank you, dear teachers.

With I Birba there is a special way to thank these heroes with their bags full of books and papers to correct: discover the I Birba collection dedicated to teachers.

You can choose from different models, all elegant but also fun: a unique idea to make your child’s teachers feel as special, at least as special as what they do every day for your child, stimulating his curiosity and helping him find the right keys to grow in the world.

For your child’s teachers, choose from the I Birba school collection 

Wedding Gifts

Who says that someone else should choose your wedding gift? It’s your day, both of yours, treat yourselves to a special memory.

I Birba has created a bracelet dedicated to the best day of your lives!

Your strength, your passion, your love, your steps and your story will be imprinted on your bracelet. A heart, a bouquet or a padlock will become the symbol of your union.

Every I Birba says something about you both and your steps to get to this day, which will be etched in your memories forever. Every I Birba will speak to him about you, reminding him how great it is to see you laugh, and you’ll just have to look at your bracelet to feel protected and safe in a way that only he knows how to make you feel.

With I Birba, tell of the incredible story of your slowly formed bond, protected by the moon, warmed by the summer sun, urged on by the light wind of April and the biting wind of November when the cold makes it more wonderful to hold each other a little tighter.

Your story is a movie and from tomorrow onward, after the toasts and the bouquet throwing, after the rice grains have scattered and the cans are no longer attached to the back of the car with the words “Just Married“, you and he will take your places in the control room and start writing the screenplay for a new film: together!

I Birba wishes you happiness and serenity from today and throughout your lives together!

Dedicate a bracelet to this special day! Choose the I Birba that tells your love story.