A train is coming, full and full of …

… I Birba that tells your story

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Someone once said that “life is like a train“; it runs along imaginary tracks crossing seas and green fields, it ascends and descends and at each station it lets a passenger on and takes them with it.

The I Birba train has blown its whistle and is about to leave, where is it going? Wherever you want. Create your I Birba bracelet and take the passengers of your journey with you. There are no restrictions, everyone is welcome on board.
Even your four-legged friends can climb aboard. Because they have never left you alone during your big journey. Who said that cats and dogs don’t get along? On the I Birba train they are wonderful friends!

Your family are travelling with a one-way ticket. There is a carriage for every one of them and you can engrave their names as if you’ve assigned each of them a seat; because every one of them is irreplaceable!

Your friends are also on your train, in the same carriage in which you’ve shared so many incredible moments and become women together; getting on at the station of friendship, you decided that you would continue to share the same compartment year after year. Your journey is not over, tell it with I Birba.

Nobody gets off the I Birba train!

Discover the new toy train-design bracelets and re-create your journey with I Birba combinations dedicated to your loves, your passions, your closest friends and your family.

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